A superb looking model of German pilot Oswald Boelcke, one of the greatest aces of his time with 40 aerial victories claimed. Boelcke drew up and inspired tactics that were formalised into the rules of air fighting, which he presented as Dicta Boelcke. Whilst he promulgated rules for individual pilots his main concern was the perfection of fighting formations rather than individual effort. He taught many pilots their craft including Manfred von Richoften(Red Baron). Boelcke died after having his top wing sheared off by another German pilot Erwin Bohme during an aerial dogfight with Allied pilots in 1916. Although Boelcke’s plane descended at a reasonable rate and crash landed without too much fuss on the German side of the front, Boelcke was killed by the simple fact he had not strapped himself in properly and never wore a flying helmet, he was only 25 years old. With German Jasta formations frequently being moved from one area of the front to another where they were most needed, pilots and mechanics had to make do sometimes with makeshift accommodation including tents. This portrayal from Thomas Gunn shows him taking an early morning shave outside, in preparation for the first patrol of the day.

A beautifully detailed figure.


1/30 scale


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