THOMAS GUNN - German Fallschirmjager Anti Tank Team


Thomas Gunn - German Fallschirmjager Anti Tank Team (Battle of the Bulge)

This German anti tank team are using the Panzerschreck, a mid war anti tank weapon based on captured samples of the American Bazooka utilising previous German technology. The main difference between the German and American weapons was that the German variant fired an 88mm rocket which could penetrate any Allied armour, but at the same time produced more smoke upon firing, giving it the nickname Stovepipe. The large amount of smoke produced meant that the crews had to change positions after firing in order to avoid being attacked by surviving tanks and infantry, this in itself was hazardous especially under battlefield conditions. A shield was added later, adding a further 2 Kilos to the overall weight. But in true battlefield tradition this new shield was sometimes removed by its crew in order to make carrying less labour intensive! This unique Thomas Gunn set features two Fallschirmjager wearing gas masks (without the canister attachment), ammunition crate and 2 x personal side-arms for the crew. This set is limited to 100 pieces and great value for the work and detail involved.



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